Kitchen Must Haves

This list has been compiled over the last several years working with nutrition clients. My hope is these items will help your food prep be more enjoyable and fit in your schedule. Not every client will need these however, most people live busy lives and reducing preparation and cooking time is key.

Kitchen Must Haves:

Mini Crock-Pot

I use this everyday to heat up my lunch when I would otherwise need to use the microwave (which changes the molecular structure of your food; not good). I put my batch prepared meal in about an hour before I want to eat and it comes out fantastic! No more dried out or odd tasting reheated food.

Food Processor

A food processor is an absolute must for busy people. Toss your veggies in and it will cut or shred them. It will take a few tries to get the hang of it but it is worth the small investment for your kitchen.

Vegetable Spiralizer

These are fancy but they make your food pretty which makes you want to eat it. I have found it most effective with clients who crave processed carbs like spaghetti noodles because they can make their own spaghetti with vegetables.

Big Berkey- Water Purifier

Jon and I use our Big Berky for drinking, cooking, and even our pet's water. Tap water in general has a host of chemicals and heavy metals damaging to our bodies such as lead, mercury, PCBs (usually from things like machinery, oil, paints, adhesives, and electronics), and arsenic. There are ton more I did not have space to mention. I think the most shocking part is finding out how many medications are found in our water system. Last year I read an article with a headline that asked, "Why is your baby on birth control pills?" The article was discussing just this but also addressed the plethora of heart medications and antipsychotics found in regular tap water. Fortunately a really good water purifier will remove 99.9%. You can also buy addition filters to remove fluoride if desired.

Crock-Pot (family sized)

Nothing quite says convenience or makes the house smell quite as good than a good old fashioned Crock-Pot full of food you prepared the night before.Prep your food and put it in the ceramic pot the night before and let it chill in the fridge. In the morning plug it in and set it on high or low, enter the time, and keep left overs in serving size containers for other meals.

Pyrex Containers

Green Pan- Ceramic Non-Stick Pans

For cooking things quickly I highly recommend these Green Pans. They are lined with ceramic rather than Teflon (most non-stick pans are made with this) which can be dangerous when consumed over a lifetime.

Storage Containers

You may be surprised at the amount of people who have pantries full of items without containers, mainly because they are not eating whole foods like whole grains and nuts. While we abstain in the first month from these, we will need them when we test for food sensitivities in month two. Please be prepared to store them properly.

I hope this is helpful to you and please let me know if any of these links are no longer working. I want to make sure to give you all the information you need to make healthy choices!

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