Tom Stanley Testimony

FITNESS I started working with Jon about three years ago. I am an avid tennis player and as I was advancing toward my mid-50s, I found that fitness was becoming a greater and greater challenge. I came to Jon with one overriding goal- keep me on court playing at the highest level possible from a fitness standpoint. Jon spent a considerable amount of time listening and researching the mechanics of tennis and from the start designed workouts targeting movement, core strength, balance and overall fitness. One of the things I like best about Jon is that he does not take a cookie cutter approach. I have worked with trainers in the past where there is a set routine, regardless of fitness goals. Jon always takes the time to thoughtfully plan out customized workouts. He constantly wants an update on my tennis schedule so he can plan accordingly. He then adjust the workouts so as not to overly stress areas that take a beating during periods of concentrated play, and pushes my limits when my body is ready for it. The result have been outstanding. I am in the best shape of my life at 54 years old. I am stronger, leaner, more flexible and have better balance than any other period of my life. I give Jon all the credit in the world. NUTRITION I started working with Katie earlier this year. I have struggled with dietary and digestive issues most of my life and had resigned myself to the fact that it was something I was just going to have to live with. After reading a bit about Katie's program I became intrigued. Her approach was outside of the typical nutrition programs. Katie's program focuses on known allergens, and identifying those allergens that negatively affect my body and digestive system. I have always been a relatively healthy eater, but Katie got me to see how certain foods that otherwise could be considered "healthy" might not be for me. We started with two hour long sessions of talking about food and where the "hot spots" were in my digestive track. Katie got me to understand the importance of eating the right kind of proteins, fats, oils and of course vegetables and fruits. I started the regime by cutting out all known allergens from my diet and just consuming unprocessed lean meats, vegetables and fruits, augmented by a portion of fermented foods with just about every meal. Through this Katie helped me to see that designations of breakfast, lunch, and dinner types of foods were really the wrong approach. Rather, the focus should be on the right food combinations using the right raw cooking materials, regardless of whether those foods would be considered traditional for any particular meal throughout the day. During this first phase I also consumed supplements recommended by Katie, including probiotics and fish oil. After about six weeks of strict compliance, which was not easy, we moved into the next phase which involved adding back foods on the allergen list by category. With my system in good shape after the six weeks of the initial phase, it became readily apparent which foods aggravated my system and which did not. I was surprised on both fronts. Certain foods I had cut out decades ago were very compatible with my system and certain foods that I never would have thought would be aggravating in fact were. Along the way, something pretty incredible happened: I learned to love prepping and cooking healthy meals that were actually very delicious. The book that comes with Katie's program is amazing and offers a huge number of recipes ranging from the creative use of proteins to sauces to salads, and yes even dessert. I have completed the program and my knowledge of healthy eating has increased profoundly. And while I may have flare ups now and then, I know that refocusing on the core principles of Katie's program will always get me back on track. I feel remarkably better than I did before starting the program. I can say with certainty that I will follow Katie's protocols for the rest of my life.

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